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Your health & wellbeing team. In cities & towns across the UK

Our Mission

The World Health Heroes Clinic – application form below – apply now.

We are aiming to have hero teams in every major city and town across the UK. The Heroes clinic is here to support people looking for a wellbeing service but are on low income and unable to pay full price.  We find out what the need is and reach out to our health heroes to see if they can help. The World Health Heroes helps to fund the clients treatment alongside what they can afford.  Below has the areas we are & will work with.

We also want to bring wellbeing services to support groups, schools & care centres. Working with the local community is such important work. We pay health heroes to deliver to these groups as we believe a system that helps those in need but also supports health and wellbeing experts to earn a living is the key to an abundant service to all.

Through sponsorship, celebrity advocation, events sales and public supporters we can help those most in need to feel well and be supported by complementary health.

If you are looking to apply then visit the application form below for more details.



Callan Turner supported by Lisa Jones


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How To Apply For Support with Founder Owen Morgan

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Corinne’s Story

In 2017 Corinne worked with our Psychotherapy Health Hero Lisa Jones as part of our clinic service documentary department and we followed their journey.  Corinne came to us with health condition ME which left her at times wheelchair bound and unable to live a full life. Within 8 treatment sessions with Lisa, Corinne climbed a mountain. Her story can be seen in the video below.

The Full Documentary Here – YouTube

Complementary health therapies are such powerful and effective way to help people with their health and we want to help those who are unable to access it.


Who We Will Work With

Read about the areas we will work within to support those in need.

Support Groups

We will actively reach out to support groups within local areas and provide support from our health hero members.  Having our expert wellbeing professionals deliver workshops, classes and more. Working with mental health, physical health and chronic illness support groups. Planned trials mid 2018.

We aim to provide health heroes to these groups with ongoing support to help the people within them. We pay our health hero members to deliver alongside donations from the groups themselves. We may be able to offer free services if required.

Care Homes

We are passionate about working alongside Care Homes, both for the older generation and those for chronic health condtions. We want to support the residents and the carers with our wellbeing knowledge. Sending in our health heroes to support with workshops and more. Planned trials in 2018.

With our vast collection of over 100 therapies, treatments and activities we can help the residents within the care sector feel and move better. We want to work with the Carers to support them in their fantastic work. Paying our health heroes to work longterm with these groups alongisde reduced rates to the centres. We may be able to offer this free if required.


Health Hero Academy Bus

We believe the power of complementary health needs to be known by all and our health hero academy bus is set to travel the UK and bring this awareness. We will deliver workshops and talks from our health heroes on the bus. Planned early stage trials in late 2019.

Our health hero academy bus could be coming to a town near you. We will have dates for this when the bus is launched.


We are planning to take health campaigns into local schools to work alongside Children, Parent’s and Teacher’s alike. Educating the next generation on the power of knowledge around their health and wellness. Sending in our health heroes to support with workshops and more. Planned trials in 2018.

With ongoing campaigns around mental health, mindfulness, nutrition and many more. We can put on workshops, interactive classes and support to the teacher’s. We pay our health hero members to deliver alongside reduced rates to schools. We may be able to offer free services where required.

Low Income / Suffering Illness

We aim to assign members of the public on low income or out of work through illness to health heroes within our local teams. We aim to offer subsidised session prices for the client. There may be free sessions available depending on cirmcumstance. Live now.

Our clinic service application process is live now and can be found on this webpage below. You can inform us of your situation, symptoms, which hero you may want to use and how much you can afford. We will be in touch to arrange your 1-1 chat with one of our team online. If you qualify for support we will reach out to our members to source support for you. This is subject to availabilty and other support channels may be more suitable within our clinic service,

Clinic Documentaries

The most effective way to show what complementary health can do for a range of health conditions and symptoms, is to follow the stories of clients and our health heroes. We also film our documentary series as a wonderful tool to push for sponsorship. These are running throughout 2018.

Need support and help with your wellbeing? Happy to appear on camera? Want to let your story inspire others? Then let us know and we may be able to support you with a health hero or hero team in your area. Contact us here

Clinic Service Application

Let us know what your need is and our team will review your application and get back to you within 7 days. Please be advised we cannot gurantee supporting every request. Please visit our directory to discover if there is a health hero team near you before applying. We want to hear your story and find out more about the situation you are in ahead of a call with a hero advisor.

Here at the heroes we want to support people to have access to our wellbeing team and believe in a contribution from every client for the services they receive. Our call will with you is to find out more about what you can afford and other needs. For example travel, location and therapy preference

Please note that this is not a support helpline and the advisors will not offer direct advice to you or provide talking therapy. Should you feel the need for other more immediate professional support please do so. We have a list of support helplines if you are unsure

This clinic support service is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or medical treatment. Always seek the advice of your Doctor or qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding any mental health symptom or medical condition. Never disregard professional psychological or medical advice nor delay in seeking professional advice or treatment.

Support for an individual / yourselfSupport for a group / organisationSupport for a schoolSupport for a care homeSupport other


Did you know you can now support the hero movement in 3 amazing ways. All helping us to transform lives across the world.

Become a hero patron, Hero crowdfunder or feelgood hero shopper. 


You can donate to our crowdfund and nominate where your donation goes. Our hero crowdfund community can allow us to support so many lives. Even if it is just a pound or dollar.

Just Giving

You can become a Hero Patron and pledge monthly to our clinic service and receive rewards via our packages. Become a hero patron now. 

 Hero Patreon

Have some of the leading companies in the UK donate to the clinic service and all when you shop online through the easyfundraising. You dont even need to spend a penny more on your purchases. Amazing right.



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