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We are always looking for more content providers to share their knowldege with the hero academy audience so just us a message to let us know more here – Join The Academy

You need to become a health hero or partner to have your video included and more on what being a hero mean visit the become a hero page here – Become A Hero

All academy video providers receive a commisson on each sale and health hero productions will film your content, edit and release the production. Those wanting to use their own pre made videos will need to allow for the production team to edit and add the hero logo to every productions

Our Mission

Welcome To Your Wellbeing Library

We here at the World Health Heroes want you to have access to the best possible knowledge, education and inspiration all in one place. The Hero Academy Library below has a collection wellbeing and business videos and audios available to you to order directly to your inbox.

Visit the library below and select from videos on mental health, nutrition, fitness, spirtuality and business. Our videos range from 0.49p up to 7.99 and will be sent to you via email with a link including more on our health hero. You will be invite to our hero academy facebook group to be part of live interviews with hero academy teachers.

50% of the profit made after costs on all health hero academy services combined goes to the Health Hero Clinic that will pay for those in need to receive complementary therapy. More about our health hero clinic service here – Clinic Service


Mindful Breathing Meditation

Bath Health Hero Carla-Jo Geraghty guides your through this meditation

Visit our YouTube Channel


World Health Heroes Clinics

Making complementary health accessible to all people

The clinic funds free services or discounted services and therapies to the local community.
The company will donate 50% of our profits to the health hero clinics.

Let's make the change.

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Our Videos and Podcasts

Order your videos and podcasts below'

Mindful Meditation With Carla-Jo Geraghty - £1.99

Bath Health Hero Carla-Jo Geraghty guides you through this 10 minute mindful meditiation to help with symptoms of anixety and stress. Order now for just £1.99

More from Carla-Jo – I believe our true inner nature is a space of peace. We spend half our lives running from ourselves, when actually we can return to ourselves for sanctuary. We can cultivate peace during difficult times.

Visit her website 

HIIT Training Video with Owen Morgan - £0.99

Bath Health Hero Owen Morgan takes you through this short 5 minute training exercise video that uses high intensity interval training. Order now for just 0.99p

More from Owen – I have been a personal trainer for 6 years and a bio mechanics for 4 years. I believe that with the right tools getting fit and healthy can be simple and effective.

Visit his website for more