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Your health & wellbeing team. In cities & towns across the World

Our Mission

We are a community of reputable wellbeing experts both locally and nationally that are working to educate, treat and support as many people as we can across the world. Making complementary health, alternative medicine and spiritual guidance affordable and accessible to all people.

Through this hub you can discover wellbeing services, source educational videos, learn through the Health Hero Academy E-Magazine and most of all find a trusted and recommended Health Hero practitioner near you. We are aiming to have hero teams in every major city and town across the World.

The Heroes clinic is here to support people looking for a wellbeing service but are on low income and unable to pay full price. We find out what the need is and reach out to our health heroes to see if they can help. The World Health Heroes helps to fund the clients treatment alongside what they can afford. Visit our clinic service page for more. We also want to bring wellbeing services to support groups, schools & care centres. Working with the local community is such important work.






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Weʼre raising £500’000 to support people suffering chronic pain, longterm illness & mental health conditions with complementary health services.

Millions of people are suffering physical, mental and emotional pain every day and so many of them could transform their health with the support of complementary health treatments and services.

With your support we can raise the money to help these people and best of all you can let us know which local health team you would like your donation to go to.


WHH Fundraising Single - Comfort In The Pain Teaser

The World Health Heroes & Alexander Allman Varty bring you 'Comfort In The Pain' fundraising single.

This emotive track is our official song and for every £5 donation made to our Just Giving Crowdfund you can grab your very own full length version of the track. Grab your MP3 now and transform a life.

Song Sponsors

Songwriter - Alexander Allman Varty - visit the links below...

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We want to thank the sponsors of this song who made this happen.

Claire Bushell of The Wellbeing Centre, Newbury
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Lindsay Benton of Nortumberland Nutrition
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Roberta Weber of New Old Medicine
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Hero Business Partners

Working alongside the World Health Heroes to support & help raise awareness.

total wellness

Total Wellness Club

Wellness professionals use TotalWellnessClub to showcase their customer’s satisfaction, build trust and increase enquiries. Individual people use TotalWellnessClub to find the best wellness products and services.

Total Wellness Club work in association with World health Heroes to help members build trust in the minds of potential buyers. Today, online buyers of well-being services expect to see reviews. Seeing reviews builds trust, which helps you get more clients. Working as an independent, third party service to help all World Health Heroes, Total Wellness Club provide us with reviews directly accessible from our World Health Heroes profiles. Together we can make a big difference to the public and Heroes alike.

design bird

Design Bird

Freelance graphic design for print, web and branding.
Logos, leaflets, exhibition panels, websites and more!

My name’s Laura. I create graphic design that aims to intensify potential and stimulate positive responses. I love to help people, and prioritise listening to and understanding clients’ needs, as this is key to producing design that hits the target.  Whether you are an individual, small or large business, you’ll be a cherished client, who will benefit from a friendly, approachable and creative service that can really make you shine.

I have had the pleasure of recently designing this site for the World Health Heroes.

aime blakemore creative logo

Aimee Blakemore Creative

I provide freelance marketing, design and admin services to independent businesses in the health & well being industry. I support the World Health Heroes with their marketing and PR. I am Based in Salisbury.

We are passionate about both business and wellness for business owners and entrepreneurs, nationally and internationally. Especially when you ARE your business. How healthy are you? How healthy is your business? When ‘you’ are the business it is fundamental that ‘you’ are the vision of health in your everyday life; to be the best that you can, both personally and professionally. Coaching for you and your business as well as for your wellbeing makes perfect sense and it brings about a healthy change of creativity, productivity and efficiency,  that accelerates you into success on all levels.

just structure

Just Structure

Just Structure is the home of Bristol based freelance Web Developer Simon Smith.

It was with great pleasure to work with Owen on his new venture and to provide ongoing technical support.

At Just Structure I offer a full web development service and ongoing support for clients. I can help you with a new website or work with you on your existing platform. I work in partnership with my clients and my approach means that your website doesn’t just start great; it stays great.

Clinic Service Partners

The charities, businesses & support groups The World Health Heroes support through the Clinic Service across the world

harnham physio

Harnham Physiotherapy Clinic

‘Quality Affordable Physiotherapy’ – Harnham Physiotherapy Clinic is an established and well reputed clinic in Salisbury. We are frequently recommended by local GP’s, consultants and our many clients. We refer clients to the the Harnham team to help via our clinic service.

Our impressive and diverse team of highly skilled insured and regulated Chartered Physiotherapists offer a wide variety of evidence-based treatments to a wide range of clients aiming to achieve long term improvement

The practice is run by Marie Roberts, Chartered Physiotherapist, who established the clinic in Salisbury in 2012. Marie previously established and ran a successful and highly regarded practice in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

With over 10 years experience in the administration of acupuncture to the face for various conditions, Marie also now offers the increasingly popular Facial Acupuncture for Cosmetic Enhancement.

We have musculoskeletal experts in clinic treating all manner of complaints; joints; backs; necks; pain; acute and chronic conditions and sports injuries.

The clinic also has a specialist team of community based physiotherapists who are experts in the rehabilitation of older people and those with neurological conditions such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injury or Parkinsons.

Our clinic strives to deliver an exceptional physiotherapy service and experience for our clients. Our clients are treated with genuine interest and compassion. Time is allowed during our hourly booked appointments to make very clear and accurate assessments that allow for highly effective treatments and excellent outcomes. There are no short-cuts. We are incredibly proud to receive regular praise and excellent feedback from patients, GP’s, care homes and consultants for the results we achieve and high quality of care.

gul god unlimited logo

God Unlimited (Outdoor Therapy Centre)

God Unlimited Outdoor Therapy or Gul, is a charity which provides therapeutic activities in an outdoor setting, primarily this is Equine Assisted Therapy. We refer clients to the heroes clinic service and work together on awareness events. 

At GUL we also include outdoor education, navigation, work placements, apprenticeships, gardening and more. Gul operates from its 19 acre stable yard and woodland (Riverside) in Shrewton, Wiltshire (near Stonehenge), and provides services to Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. The charity was founded in 2006 with the idea that a small church community, could put into practice what they had always believed, that being outside is good for a person and that with vision and support Gul can change the lives of individuals who are isolated and vulnerable. While the charity was founded by passionate Christians and named as such, Gul has always been open to all, regardless of faith or background

eat move glow

Eat Move Glow - Support Group

The Eat Move Glow group support and help each other in the promotion of health and well being in Bath for women affected by cancer. The heroes work alongside Eat Move Glow with our heroes providing workshops and talks plus they refer clients to us.

The new Eat Move Glow concept is: A cancer toolbox for women

We aim to empower and support women affected by cancer with nutrition, exercise and wellness tools.

Through our experiences we recognised the need to have a personal toolbox of resources to manage the various stages of our cancer journey. This was anything from smoothie recipes to boost immunity during chemotherapy, to taking a walk in the fresh air to feel invigorated or the need for meditation when we were overwhelmed with fear.

We have so many resources to share with women to enable them to build their own toolbox. We want women to feel supported. We want women to feel empowered. We want women to know they are not alone on their caner journey.

Please join us in our monthly Eat Move Glow support groups in Bath and let Eat Move Glow make a positive difference in your cancer journey.

New Health Hero Clinic Service Partner Spot Available. Be Featured

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